Simplify Global Growth

Did you know that 63% of today’s multinational companies say payments are a key challenge when expanding into new markets?

Forrester Consulting research, commissioned by Global Payments, also reveals:


report it’s important to reduce the number of payment solutions


say delivering frictionless payments on a global scale is crucial


say they’ll increase customer satisfaction with unified payments

So how can you ensure payments aren’t hindering your company’s future growth?

Download this exclusive payments study to find out:

  • Critical payment considerations you must navigate to expand successfully
  • How to fix the biggest problem faced by companies looking to expand globally
  • How consolidated payments and local expertise can accelerate your expansion

You’ll also receive access to our webinar featuring Forrester VP, Principal Analyst George Lawrie and Global Payments President of Multinational Commerce Jeffrey Burke to help transform the research into an actionable plan to improve ROI and simplify global expansion.